10 Commandments Of Common Sense


The author of Life’s Greatest Lessons presents ten principles of practical wisdom to live by, drawn from readings of both the Old and New Testaments for people of all beliefs.
Readers love Hal Urban’s books for their common sense, their wisdom, and their inspirational affirmation of timeless values. With The 10 Commandments of Common Sense, he continues to build on his central theme — that there’s a direct relationship between good character and the quality of life. He also shows how the teachings of Scripture and the genuine practice of faith can be integral parts of a fulfilling existence.

Urban draws on his own lifelong spiritual search — which has included Protestant churches, the Catholic church, some Eastern philosophies, and human potential psychology — to produce an ecumenical and nondogmatic examination of the Scriptures, finding in them clear and simple guidance for increasing both purpose and joy in our lives. Five of his principles are do’s, as in Keep a positive outlook on life and Bring out the best in other people. The other five are don’t’s, as in Don’t be seduced by popular culture and Don’t judge other people. These ten commandments of timeless wisdom will inspire people of all faiths who are searching for more meaning and direction in their lives, no matter where it comes from.


SKU (ISBN): 9781416535645
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2008
Publisher: Simon And Schuster

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