After You Die


At a time when people’s curiosity about the afterlife is stronger than ever, Pastor Frank Santora tackles this issue head-on, delivering cultural, scientific, philosophical, and biblical evidence to unveil the truth about the mysteries of the afterlife. Pastor Frank covers issues such as:
* Is there life after death?
* Is there a God?
* Do heaven and hell exist?
* Is hell the torture chamber that it’s been purported to be?
* Are there second chances after we die?
* Do we have a soul, and what does it look like?
* What qualifies a person to get into heaven?
* And what does Jesus have to do with it all?

Written for both nonbelievers and those familiar with the Bible, After You Die gives insightful answers to life’s most probing questions while offering hope to everyone who has ever wondered what happens to us after we leave earth.


SKU (ISBN): 9781416597315
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2012
Publisher: Howard Books

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