All In : How To Risk Everything For Everything That Matters


All In: Risking Everything for Everything that Matters by author W. Allen Morris is a freedom manual for hard-driving, success-oriented leaders who are ready to explore the terra incognita of their hidden self in order to find and experience the life they deeply want –the path to greater freedom, joy, creativity, and power.

All of us are leaders, or have the potential to be, in our circle of influence–in our work, in our families, and in our world. We will either be powerfully healing, inspiring, and effective leaders or hurtful and injuring leaders. The difference is in the awareness and healing we have experienced in our secret inner life.

As a business leader and entrepreneur, Allen Morris discovered that the very same drive and skills that had brought him so much success were also sabotaging everything and everyone he cared about. It was as if an unseen enemy was at work behind the scenes, ambushing his happiness and undoing his relationships right as he stepped into the winner’s circle. And he noticed he was not alone in his struggle.

All In: Risking Everything for Everything that Matters follows the author’s story and that of other CEOs and leaders who found themselves stuck or unfulfilled but chose to risk authenticity and transparency to understand how their blind spots and childhood wounds were limiting their true potential. Drawing on the insights of neuroscience, psychology, addiction recovery, and biblical wisdom–and sharing dramatic stories from his own life and those of other leaders–Morris delivers a practical and inspiring plan for how men can achieve exponentially greater effectiveness, fulfillment, creativity, and influence for good.


SKU (ISBN): 9781637630693
W. Allen Morris
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2022
Publisher: Forefront Books


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