Ask A Veterinarian


Let’s learn about veterinarians with PBS KIDS(R) friends Dot, Dee, and Del! Introduce your toddler to these everyday heroes that take care of our animal friends. How does someone become a veterinarian? What types of animals do they help? How can we all help keep our animal friends healthy? Learn about why veterinarians are important to help animals stay healthy and happy! Plus, bring the story to life with the free Novel Effect app to add sound effects to this learning adventure. Just download the app to your phone and read the story aloud and trigger sound effects at just the right moment, only using the sound of your voice. It is sure to be a hit with every curious little learner!


SKU (ISBN): 9781680528015
Compiled by: PBS Kids
Binding: Boards
Published: 2020
Publisher: Cottage Door Press


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