Assurance Of Things Hoped For – (Other Language)


Chapter 1 Fleshly Faith And Spiritual Faith

Chapter 2 The Mind Set On The Flesh Is Hostile Toward God

Chapter 3 Destroy All Kinds Of Thoughts And Theories

Chapter 4 Sow The Seeds Of Faith

Chapter 5 ‘If You Can?’ All Things Are Possible!

Chapter 6 Daniel Relied Only On God

Chapter 7 God Provides In Advance

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“The wind blows where it wishes and it is invisible to our eyes. Yet, when we see the trees’ leaves swaying in the wind, we can sense the reality of the wind. By the same token, though we are not able to actually see God with the naked eye, God is alive and really exists, and in accordance with our faith in Him, we can sense His presence and experience Him.”

This work is for those who eagerly wish to lead victorious lives by possessing true faith to glorify God, spreading the love of God and sharing the gospel of the Lord. For the last two decades author Dr. Jaerock Lee has preached so many messages entitled “Faith” and through choosing from among them and editing them in an orderly manner, this book was made possible to be printed.
Faith: The Assurance of Things Hoped for will play the role of a lighthouse that acts as a guide to true faith for countless souls.

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SKU (ISBN): 9788975574498
ISBN10: 8975574490
Language: Korean
Jaerock Lee
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: April 2018
Publisher: Urim Books USA

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