At Home In Mitford


6.5 Hours On 6 CDs

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Radio Theatre isn’t just storytelling. It’s not a book on tape. It’s a cast of internationally acclaimed actors performing classic narratives and award-winning dramas, produced and mixed in cinema-quality sound design. A movie that plays on the biggest of all…your imagination. Welcome home…to the small town where millions of people like to drop in. Mitford. Where a handshake, a warm embrace and a friendly word are as inviting as a cup of coffee at the Main Street Grill or a slice of pie made from Miss Sadie’s world famous apples. Here you’ll find the joy of life’s little dramas. In the surprise companionship of a stray dog. In the rough-and-tumble world of a boy’s heart. In the generosity of a matron’s gift to her community. In the steady friendship of neighbors. In the nobility of a promise by a parish priest. In a love rekindled. In the gentle gossip and humorous quirks of townspeople who enjoy their world, for all of its ups and downs. Join the people of Mitford as they go through a season of life–where an ordinary day can yield extraordinary possibilities. Hosted by Jan Karon, this faithful dramatic adaptation of At Home in Mitford brings to life the many characters and stories now loved by millions of readers. The loving and compassionate Father Tim, the rambunctious Emma, the spunky Puny Bradshaw, the wayward Dooley, crusty old Miss Rose and Uncle Billy, Homeless Hobbes, newcomer Cynthia Coppersmith and the ever-faithful Barnabas. They’re all here to welcome you home. Once you’ve been to Mitford, you’ll never want to leave. Recorded in London, England with an all-star cast of the brightest talent from stage and screen including the highly acclaimed actors Dean Jones, Pat Starr, Betty Blair, Paul Freeman and David Suchet.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781589970007
Jan Karon
Binding: Audio CD
Published: 2003
Focus On The Family Radio Theatre
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers


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