Attributes And Work Of God


For decades, Third Millennium Ministries has been working to make a high-quality, orthodox theological education possible for anyone. Its Master’s-level course materials are written in accessible language, vetted by Evangelical scholars, and used by seminaries, Bible colleges, churches, and mission organizations around the world. Now this established curricula is available in book form-an ideal resource for any student of theology, formal or informal. “Knowing God” means different things to different people-everything from experiencing personal intimacy with God, to witnessing his mighty works, to understanding facts about him that the Holy Spirit has revealed. What theologians often call “theology proper” is complex but vastly rewarding, growing us in our knowledge and understanding of God. The Attributes and Works of God considers God’s attributes, eternal plan, and works in history, with a special focus on his decrees, creation, and providence. Readers will learn the fundamentals necessary to understand themselves and their world.


SKU (ISBN): 9781629954707
Richard Pratt | Editor: Richard Pratt
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
Christian Essentials – P And R Publishing
Publisher: P & R Publishing


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