Babylon : A Novel Of Jewish Captivity


A multi-generational biblical saga of captivity, romance, faith, and redemption, set against the Judean exile in Babylon.

Everything changes for Sarah the day Nebuchadnezzar’s army storms Jerusalem. In an instant, her peaceful life on the farm is ripped away: her city sacked, her temple desecrated, her people enslaved. Marched across unforgiving desert sands to Babylon, Sarah and the remaining Judean people must find a way to keep their faith alive in a new and unforgiving home.

Displaced within an empire of strange gods and unimaginable wealth, Sarah and her descendants bear witness to palace intrigue, betrayal, brutal sacrifice, regicide, and a new war brewing in the east. Through every trial, the Hebrew people attempt to preserve their religion. Uri, Sarah’s son, transcribes incredible stories of prophets and visions, Creation and Exodus-stories that establish the central tenets of the Hebrew faith.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781637587614
ISBN10: 1637587619
Michelle Cameron
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: September 2023
Publisher: Post Hill Press/Simon and Shuster


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