Baptism : My Adoption Into God’s Family Teaching Index 5


Baptism is not just a church rite that identifies a baptized person as a Christian. It is a mighty act of the triune God in which he washes away sin and creates saving faith, and sinners are born again as children of God and become living members of Christ’s spiritual body, the church. Because Baptism gives and does such great things, it isn’t surprising that it figures prominently in the New Testament. Baptism, of the People’s Bible Teachings series, presents what the Bible teaches about Baptism and its meaning for the Christian’s everyday life of faith. The book also discusses such practices as infant Baptism and custom of baptismal sponsors.


SKU (ISBN): 9780810013056
John Koelpin
Binding: Boxed Set
Published: 1999
Peoples Bible Teachings
Publisher: Northwestern Publishing House


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