Bending The Twig


I believe that our parenting skills, or lack of them, have worked against us. We have looked to man’s wisdom, and forgotten the basic principles of the Bible. Mom’s book is full of wisdom, Biblical wisdom, spelled out and then worked out through our family’s experiences.

Mom has a clear grasp on what God’s Word says about our job as parents. She has blessed me with her wisdom. Many rough spots in our road of parenting have been smoothed by Mom’s insights.

these are Biblical principles and they work…My Mom…is passionate about the truth and about helping parents return to Godly patterns of child-rearing…Enjoy the book, but realize that you are coming to a fork in the road which will force you to make a choice.

The message in this book is based strictly on the Word of God-something that will never change. That is what makes this book different from many others that you will read. Mom uses humor, personal experiences, and the Scripture to teach in a very practical way.


SKU (ISBN): 9781612150512
Bernadine Cantrell
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2010
Publisher: Xulon Press

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