Between One Faith And Another


1. What Is Religion? The Problem Of Definition
2. Primitive Religions: The Sense Of The Religious
3. Hinduism: The Claims Of Mystical Experience
4. Buddhism: The Logic Of Nirvana
5. Zen: The Transformation Of Consciousness
6. Confucianism: The Structure Of Social Success
7. Taoism: The Power Of Nature’s Way
8. Judaism: Human Culture Or Divine Revelation?
9. Islam: Is Surrender Fundamentalism Or The Heart Of Religion?
10. Christianity: The Most Believed (and Most Unbelievable) Claim Ever Made
11. Comparative Religions: Can Contradictories Both Be True?

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How do we make sense of the world’s different religions? In today’s globalized society, religion is deeply intertwined with every issue we see on the news. But talking about multiple religions can be contentious. Are different faiths compatible somehow? And how can we know whether one religion is more true than another? In this creative thought experiment, Peter Kreeft invites us to encounter dialogues on the world’s great faiths. His characters Thomas Keptic and Bea Lever are students in Professor Fesser’s course on world religions, and the three explore the content and distinctive claims of each. Together they probe the plausibility of major religions, from Hinduism and Buddhism to Christianity and Islam. Along the way they explore how religions might relate to each other and to what extent exclusivism or inclusivism might make sense. Ultimately Kreeft gives us helpful tools for thinking fairly and critically about competing religious beliefs. If the religions are different kinds of music, do they together make harmony or cacophony? Decide for yourself.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780830845101
Peter Kreeft
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2017
Publisher: InterVarsity Press


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