Bound Fo Glory


Volume 5 of the Weldon Oaks Series

A superb piece of storytelling, Bound fo’ Glory vividly brings the drama of the Civil War and its effect on South Carolina’s Gullah people to life.

This is the story of the surviving members of the once-magnificent Weldon Oaks plantation in the South Carolina Sea Islands. No longer masters and slaves, these brave souls are now scattered throughout the war-torn south. Struggling to survive the most hellish war the United States has ever endured.

In this final volume of the Weldon Oaks Series, Gilly Weldon, son of a wealthy plantation owner, is on the run after narrowly escaping death in a rat-infested Union stockade. Mean while, His sister, Laura may does the unthinkable-she falls in love with an enemy soldier, and worse, plots his escape from a Southern prison. Back home in the islands, gentle Angel and rebellious Zach, the Weldons’ former slaves, fall in love despite the incredible changes that sweep though their lives.

Bound fo’ Glory explore the depths of human hearts and souls with an intensity as deep as the scars left on the war-ravaged South.


SKU (ISBN): 9780816312757
Jean Holmes
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2019
We Build People # 5
Publisher: Pacific Press Publishing Association


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