Cebuano – Langit I – (Other Language)



Chapter 1. Heaven: As Clear And Beautiful As Crystal
New Heaven And New Earth

The River Of The Water Of Life
The Throne Of God And Of The Lamb

Chapter 2. The Garden Of Eden And The Waiting Place Of Heaven
The Garden Of Eden Where Adam Lived
People Are Cultivated On The Earth
The Waiting Place Of Heaven
People Who Do Not Stay In The Waiting Place

Chapter 3. The Seven-year Wedding Banquet
The Lord’s Return And The Seven-year Wedding Banquet
The Millennium
Heaven Rewarded After The Judgment Day

Chapter 4. Secrets Of Heaven Hidden Since The Creation

Secrets Of Heaven Have Been Revealed Since Jesus’Time
Secrets Of Heaven Revealed At The End Of The Time
In My Father’s House Are Many Dwelling Places

Chapter 5. How Will We Live In Heaven?
An Overall Life Style In Heaven
Clothing In Heaven
Food In Heaven
Transportation In Heaven
Entertainment In Heaven
Worship, Education, And Culture In Heaven

Chapter 6. Paradise
The Beauty And Happiness Of Paradise
What Kind Of People Go To Paradise?

Chapter 7. The First Kingdom Of Heaven
Its Beauty And Happiness Surpass Paradise
What Kind Of People Go To The First Kingdom?

Chapter 8. The Second Kingdom Of Heaven
Beautiful Personal House Given To Each One
What Kind Of People Go To The Second Kingdom?

Chapter 9. The Third Kingdom Of Heaven
Angels Serve Each Child Of God
What Kind Of People Go To The Third Kingdom?

Chapter 10. New Jerusalem
People In New Jerusalem See God Face To Face
What Kind Of People Go To New Jerusalem?

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Language – Cebuano
Where is the Garden of Eden where the first man Adam used to live? Where is the kingdom of heaven, which is as clear and beautiful as crystal? How will the Judgment of the Great White Throne be performed? What is Heaven like where the saved believers will enter and dwell forever? The beautiful Heaven is largely divided into five kingdoms. As written in the Book of Revelation, a new sky and a new earth will appear after the Millennium Kingdom and the Great Judgment come to an end.

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