Children And Parents


One of the most serious threats to the relationship between parents and their children at this age in the more so-called developed countries of the world is permissiveness. It is unfortunately all too common in our day. We all need limits; we all need to learn self-discipline. To escape the neurosis caused by a failure to accept limitations and the necessary imposition of reasonable rules, young people are often prone to temper tantrums and violent or aggressive conduct under the excuse that they need their freedom, whereas what they are really seeking is the right to do whatever they please. In this work Sheen masterfully addresses every conceivable issue that parents can expect to confront in their relationships with their children as they grow into adulthood and helps them to approach these with love and deliberation.


SKU (ISBN): 9780818912788
Fulton Sheen
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2008
Publisher: St Pauls / Alba House


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