Christianity Explored Universal Leaders Guide


Section 1: How To Run The Course
* Getting Started; Preparing Yourself And Your Co-leaders; Introducing Mark’s Gospel; Running The Sessions; What To Do If…; Working With English Speakers; Cross-cultural Evangelism; After The Course
Section 2: Study Guide
* Detailed Notes On Leading Each Bible Study
* Answering Tough Questions; Questions From Mark’s Gospel; Questions About Christian Belief; Can We Rely On Mark’s Gospel?

Additional Info
The Christianity Explored Universal Leader’s Guide contains everything a leader needs to take a group or individual through the eight-session course.

The Universal edition of Christianity Explored is designed to be universally accessible with a special emphasis on clear and simple English.
Written in a Bible study format, participants discover the life of Jesus together as they work through eight sessions in Mark’s Gospel. Use of the CE DVD is entirely optional.
It is ideal for International students or anyone who would benefit from a Bible study format and straight-forward, everyday English.

* Revised and updated from the “English made easy” edition
* Eight Bible studies in Mark’s Gospel
* Written in simple and clear English
* Includes help in running a course, detailed notes for leading each Bible study, answers to common questions from Mark or about Christian belief
* Additional resource material available as free downloads


SKU (ISBN): 9781908317872
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2012
Publisher: The Good Book Company


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