Cinderella Dream : A Memoir About A Shattered Life Restored


I can’t remember exactly when my heart cried out to the most high God. We all cry out to someone in our pain. I didn’t even know His name. It could have been when I was lying in our bed. I’m not even sure she and I owned this bed. I remember it was in our two-bedroom apartment. I shared the master bedroom with her, of course. I still couldn’t believe we had been together almost five years. Our place was always neat and tidy yet stunk with lies, betrayal, and brokenness. Tied up in chains of brokenness, I couldn’t break free. I would be content at times throughout the day, and then the emptiness would haunt me like a ghost. I was so hungry, so desperate to fill this void. Why couldn’t she fill it? Why wouldn’t the world fill it? I cried out on my bed, ‘Someone! Anyone! Please help me!’ Jill Stacey spent her early life seeking to fill the empty void in her heart. During childhood, Jill recognized just how messed up her family really was. Her father had issues while abusing her emotionally and sexually. Her mother never gave her the love she yearned for. There was always fighting and turmoil in the home. Jill didn’t tell a soul; she carried her burden alone for many years. Jill then began to look for older women to meet her needs. It started out innocently. She was just looking for a mother figure, someone to hold her and love her. Then she began to seek an escape from the dysfunction. Drugs and alcohol provided this. And as she grew up, Jill’s quest for love changedshe realized she was a homosexual. Soon her world, one filled with unhealthy relationships, addictions, and idolatry, spiraled out of control. At rock bottom, there was hope. Discover how God healed and restored Jill’s life and made her Cinderella Dream come true. He can do the same for you.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781617776342
Jill Stacey
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2011
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises


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