Civil Government : Gods Other Kingdom


The relationship between church and state in America is a tumultuous one, often regarded by Christians as a confusing mess best ignored. Yet both the temporal kingdom of government and the eternal kingdom of the church are God’s blessings to us–both were established by him to carry out his will here on earth. Civil Government leads us back to the Scriptures to seek principles for guiding and motivating our attitudes and actions as we wrestle with our dual citizenship. First looking to government as presented during biblical times and then historically tracing church-state relations since then, this book concludes by addressing the current state of affairs. (Note to Congregations: A Bible Study Kit that can be used with this book is available under the title Christian Citizenship in Church and State , 22N0916, by Norman F. Burger Jr.)


SKU (ISBN): 9780810007635
Daniel Deutschlander
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 1998
Peoples Bible Teachings
Publisher: Northwestern Publishing House


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