Classical Education And The Home School (Revised)


1. The Necessity For Hard Work
2. A Brief Description Of Classical And Christian Education
3. Component Parts Of A Classical And Christian Education
4. The Basics Of Latin
5. The Basics Of Logic
6. The Basics Of Rhetoric
7. The Basics Of Christian Worldview Thinking
8. What General Curriculum To Use?
9. Conclusion
Appendix A: Beginning Reading Lists
Appendix B: Other Resources

Additional Info
As the trend toward a classical and Christian education increases, many parents are seeking ways to develop such an approach in their home schools. This booklet introduces the topic of classical and Christian education with an overview of the Trivium (grammar, logic, rhetoric) as used in a biblical context. We removed all the gnostic, Neil Postman parts that plagued the earlier version.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781885767851
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Douglas Wilson | Wes Callihan | Douglas Jones
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: November 2001
Publisher: Canon Press

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