Comprehensive Guide To Apologetics


In a postmodern, post-truth society, how do we uncover what’s real? How do we determine whether our faith is based on more than our feelings? And how do we answer the complex questions about Christianity posed by skeptics and searchers alike?

The Comprehensive Guide to Apologetics challenges believers of all backgrounds to examine and understand the tenets of their beliefs, while preparing them to defend their faith to those outside it. This informative resource covers topics spanning from the evidence for the Bible’s reliability, to the relationship between science and faith, to the comparisons between Christianity and other worldviews, and features the writing of respected apologists and Bible scholars, including…

*Norman L. Geisler
*Josh McDowell
*Gary R. Habermas
*Walter C. Kaiser Jr.
*Ron Rhodes
*Edwin M. Yamauchi
*John Warwick Montgomery
*William A. Dembski
*Randy Alcorn
*Stephen C. Meyer
*Randall Price
*Ed Hindson

For every Christian, The Comprehensive Guide to Apologetics delivers well-reasoned answers to today’s important issues, preparing believers to testify for their faith with confidence, intention, and Christlike wisdom.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780736985734
Editor: Joseph Holden
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


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