Confessions Of An Ugly Bible Reader


In this short but compelling book, author Tim McCormick explains why his favorite Bible a dog-eared, underlined, notes-in-the-margin, stickered-all-over-by his-kids paperback of The Message: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition is so sacred: As I sit at the beginning of the day, with my rather pedestrian-looking Bible, which feels like it has been through the grinder that just produced the cup of coffee in my hand, I know I am about to spend some time with the God who is always waiting for me. Most days I receive a great sense of familiarity and peace that gives me the confidence I need to be a Christian in the world. This prayer routine has become the foundation of my day and, when I am unable to follow this practice for some reason, I notice a huge difference in how I feel and interact with others. He argues that it is not the physical beauty of the book that produces this result but the relationship he has had with it for many years. Its ugliness is part of its true beauty.


SKU (ISBN): 9780879466879
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2021
Publisher: ACTA Publications


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