Creation : Teaching Index 3


This study focuses on the six days of creation and the seventh day when God rested. It presents some issues related to the teaching of evolution and leads us to yearn for God’s creation of a new heaven and earth. This study accompanies the book from People’s Bible Teachings series Creation (15N0613) by Cleone H. Weigand.
All necessary components for organizing and leading this study are included on a CD-ROM; PDF and RTF files of student lessons and leader’s guide that contains the student lessons and answers. The study covers the following six lessons:
Mind and Body
Marriage, Animals
Sun, Moon, and Stars
Plants, Land and Seas, Sky, Light


SKU (ISBN): 9780810012219
Cleone Weigand
Binding: Boxed Set
Published: 2000
Peoples Bible Teachings
Publisher: Northwestern Publishing House


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