Crossing The Schism


The Christian religion suffered three schisms during its two-thousand-year history. Orthodox, Protestant, and Anglican schisms occurred in succession. The Protestant schism resulted in the most significant change to how Christians worship. Catholics and Protestants have the same core Christian beliefs. However, their worship practices are very different. Currently, Catholics and Protestants have difficulty even talking about those differences. It seems like they speak in two different languages, and neither side can understand the other.

In Crossing the Schism, author John D. Smatlak explains how Catholics and Protestants can reconcile their differences with a new way of approaching the Word. Although Smatlak was raised in a Protestant Fundamentalist church and joined congregations from a variety of Protestant denominations, he also attended many Catholic church services. Because of that broad experience, he successfully crossed the schism between Catholics and Protestants. Though he remains Protestant, he learned to speak both languages.

By first unlearning some false beliefs, both Catholics and Protestants can accept that there are different ways to worship the same Christ. Crossing the Schism exposes the false beliefs and uncovers forgotten truths, building bridges of Christian love and understanding. Because it’s only when you learn about the perspectives of other Christians, that you more fully understand your own Christian beliefs and grow stronger in your faith.

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John Smatlak
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Published: March 2019
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