Crystals Grand Entry


Sell Caleb? Never! That big, gray Appaloosa horse is the reason Crystal Blake’s in the Idaho state rodeo finals. Including the rodeo queen contest. But if Crystal won’t sell him to the stranger from Texas, does he want her horse bad enough to steal him? And why does he want only Caleb? When her horse is stolen just before the state high school rodeo finals, Crystal, her older sister Karla, and friends conduct a search which brings them into contact with terrorists. They won’t quit until they get to the bottom of this latest mystery. Meanwhile, Karla and Crystal’s boyfriend, Shawn Sorensen, seem to be getting awfully chummy. Does she have a good reason to be jealous? And Crystal’s tempted to back out of the queen contest when she learns all that’s required.

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SKU (ISBN): 9798666654712
Stephen Bly | Janet Bly
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2020
Crystal Blake Adventures # 6
Publisher: Spring Arbor Distributors

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