Dear Adversity : Choosing Hope In Christ Over Despair


Dear Adversity, I write to you not to introduce myself, for you know me very well. You have shown up at my home uninvited and unwelcome…You have tunneled through my emotions, leaving them raw and dissected…leaving me feeling like a victim of circumstance. I write to you today to proclaim freedom! I no longer see you as an adversary, but rather as a means to obtain the prize… Has adversity caught you off guard, leaving you reeling in its wake of destruction? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by troublesdesperate for direction, answers, and most of all, peace? In Dear Adversity: Choosing Hope in Christ over Despair, author Brenda Miller Emmons explores her own experience with adversity, showing how to accept and even embrace life’s challenges by pursuing an intimate relationship with Christ. As a Christian, you are not promised an escape from adversity; in fact, quite the opposite: it’s not a question of if adversity will come, but when. Through her story, Emmons illustrates how to surrender each situation in your life, clinging to God’s eternal promises in His Word rather than your own understanding. This knowledge will take you beyond temporary fixes, beyond fear and impatience, discovering His faithfulness to guide you through each trial into complete victory in Him.


SKU (ISBN): 9781616635954
Brenda Emmons
Binding: Perfect
Published: 2010
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises


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