Dearest Mandy : Letters From A Grieving Mother


The first book in the From Heartache to Healing series, Dearest Mandy is a fictional account of a father (Dave) and mother (Carrie) coping with tragedy. While Dave and other characters are presented, Dearest Mandy is Carrie’s story, told in the form of a secret journal she begins to help cope with her difficult emotions: depression, guilt, and doubt of God’s love. This book is that journal with each chapter an entry written by Carrie to her daughter, Mandy.
Through the journal entries, readers encounter firsthand how events affect Carrie’s relationship with her husband, who grows increasingly distant, failing to understand his wife’s ongoing sadness. Dave and Carrie’s once-stable marriage soon lacks healthy communication, love and trust, as husband and wife handle the situation in two different ways. Carrie’s personal journey also leads readers to see God’s divine hand working for the good purpose of his children and how he transforms a grieving mother into his trusting servant, restored in faith. Carrie’s story is a tale of heartache, sorrow and confusion but also one of redemption, faith, and strength. Because all Christians are in need of spiritual guidance or can relate in some way to grief’s many forms, Dearest Mandy may also be your story.


SKU (ISBN): 9780810017481
Carol Albrecht
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2007
From Heartache To Healing # 1
Publisher: Northwestern Publishing House


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