Deep Calls To Deep


Deep Calls to Deep demonstrates a new and generative way of reading the Bible, which looks for differences among texts to engage in dialogue over critical issues that are not only biblical but also are relevant to our contemporary crises. Bill Brown explores uncharted territory in the Bible with a particular focus on the Psalms, the most diverse book of the Bible. By taking his cue from Martin Luther, Brown explores how the little bible (the Psalter) engages the larger Hebrew Bible in dialogue, specifically how the Psalms counter, complement, reconstrue, and transform biblical traditions and themes across the Hebrew canon, from creation and law to justice and wisdom.
In this deep study of the Psalms, Brown asks What is humanity’s place and role in creation? What makes for a credible leader? What is law and order? What is the role of wisdom in the life of faith? What is the shape of justice in a society polarized by power and fear? These and other questions, such as a chapter that offers a fresh look at the authority of Scripture, are hosted by the Psalms with the aim of prompting dialogue, the kind of dialogue that is most needed in a time of deep division and disruption.

Deep Calls to Deep can be used as the primary text for a class on the Psalms (at any level from a small group to a seminary class) and as a secondary text in a general Old Testament or Hebrew Bible introductory course, since it covers all major parts of the OT through the lens of the Psalms. It also is an ideal text for an intermediate course that is needed after any introduction to the Old Testament.


SKU (ISBN): 9781501858956
William Brown
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2021
Publisher: Abingdon Press

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