Defeating The Enemy


The battle is raging! Find your place of victory.

Everything God wants to give you, Satan seeks to steal. The secret to victory is your freedom in Christ!

Pastor Phil Hopper is passionate about equipping Christians to walk in the freedom Jesus purchased at the cross. While there are many approaches to spiritual warfare, Defeating the Enemy offers believers a Bible-based map to victory that prepares you to always be one step ahead of the devil.

Too many Christians are ignorant to the freedom that Christ’s death and resurrection have bought-but this is our greatest weapon. Discover the power of this freedom, and learn to wield it against the enemy!

You will learn how to:
*Develop spiritual sight to identify the enemy’s disguises and agendas.
*Recognize the traps that the devil sets for you, and learn to resist them.
*Exercise your spiritual authority by standing in the victory that Jesus won at Calvary.
*Use your weapons and armor to wage both offensive and defensive spiritual warfare.
*Learn how to walk in victory over the power, tactics and strategies of the enemy today!


SKU (ISBN): 9780768417821
Phil Hopper
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: Destiny Image


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