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Seventeen of the 33 men and women who have been declared Doctors of the Church lived in the first millennium. Eight of these came from the Eastern Church while nine were from the West. Somehow it seems appropriate that both the first and the last Doctors of the first millennium (St. Athanasius and St. John Damascene) were from the East, where Christianity began. John Fink has provided here brief profiles of the life of each Doctor followed by one or more writings chartacteristic of his work. No pretense is made that these short summaries of their lives are full biographies or that their writings are more than samples. This work is intended to be a popular introduction to the Church’s great teachers. The excerpts chosen are representative of the particular Doctor’s writings but they were also selected in such a way as to give an overall effect of providing a fairly thorough overview of Christian doctrine and practice through the centuries. The Doctors included in Volume One are: Saints Athanasius, Ephrem, Hilary of Potiers, Cyril of Jerusalem, Basil the Great, Gregory Nazianzen, John Chrysostom, Ambrose, Jerome, Augustine, Cyril of Alexandria, Peter Chrysologus, Leo the Great, Gregory the Great, Isidore of Seville, Bede, and John Damascene.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780818908392
John Fink
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2000
Publisher: St Pauls / Alba House


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