Dont Date A Booboo Dude


Many women enter or stay in relationships out of fear of being alone, shame, or insecurity which may cause them to lower their standards or expectations. What they find are men they normally would never have tolerated. Men they would have told their friends to avoid.

What they find are BooBoo Dudes.

So, what is a BooBoo Dude?

While the term BooBoo Dude might be light-hearted, the concept behind them and the damage they cause women is serious. This term describes a man who portrays narcissistic and abusive behavior, which leads to confusion, shame, and eventual isolation.
Related through Ainsley’s humorous and vulnerable personal experiences, you’ll learn about:

*the often-unbelievable behaviors of BooBoo Dudes
*how to exit a futureless relationship with higher standards
*keeping or restoring your identity through Jesus
*and reaching others trapped with BooBoo Dudes

With wisdom rooted in the gospel, Ainsley tenderly brings the reader along her own journey toward confidence found only in Jesus. She embraced her identity and left BooBoo Dudes behind. Every woman can do the same.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830782857
Ainsley Britain
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
Publisher: David C. Cook


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