Espirito Alma E Corpo 1 – (Other Language)


Beginning The Journey On Spirit, Soul, And Body

Part 1. Formation Of Flesh
Chapter 1. Concept Of Flesh
Chapter 2. The Creation
1. The Mysterious Separation Of Spaces
2. Physical Space And Spiritual Space
3. Men With Spirit, Soul, And Body

Chapter 3. Men In Physical Space
1. Seed Of Life
2. How Man Comes Into Existence
3. Conscience
4. Works Of The Flesh
5. Cultivation

Part 2. Formation Of Soul (Operation Of Soul In Physical Space)
Chapter 1. Formation Of Soul
1. Definition Of Soul
2. Various Operations Of Soul In Physical Space
3. Darkness

?Chapter 2. Self
Chapter 3. Things Of The Flesh
Chapter 4. Beyond The Level Of Living Spirit

Part 3. Recovering Of The Spirit
Chapter 1. Spirit And Whole Spirit
Chapter 2. God’s Original Plan
Chapter 3. True Human Being
Chapter 4. Spiritual Realm

Additional Info
This book provides the readers with spiritual insight with which they can see through the fourth dimensional world and presents to them clear answers to fundamental questions including “What kind of being is man?”, “How was man made?”, and “When is the spirit of man given to him?”

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SKU (ISBN): 9788975578083
ISBN10: 8975578089
Language: Portuguese
Jaerock Lee
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: April 2018
Publisher: Urim Books USA

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