Faith… it seems to be revolving around everything Christina does and it is a hard lesson to learn. She must have faith she can save her brother. She must have faith that her friends scattered all over Meric will survive. She has to have faith that all of Shaw’s secrets are coming to an end. She even has to have faith in herself and her Guardian powers.

The evil tyrant Leticia has sent out her dark priest Neamiah to convince the people of Meric Leticia is a god. The people will have to take her mark or die.

Christina’s greatest test of faith lies ahead. She must prove to the people of Meric that Leticia’s claim to lordship is false and the Creator is the only true God.


SKU (ISBN): 9781612529301
Jennifer Hartz
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2013
Future Savior # 3
Publisher: Spring Arbor Distributors


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