Family Examine


The Family Examine is a beautifully illustrated story book. Full color.

This short story book is actually a prayer, not a story. Based on the Ignatian Examine, The Family Examine will take our family through this powerful mediation, together. Along with prompts for the examine, each day also features the incredible art of Jen Olson, which depicts an image of the Holy Family. Therefore, the Holy Family is your real guide through this powerful exercise.

As we worked on this book, here is how I dreamt this book would be used:

A parent grabs the book and sits down on the couch. Kids snuggle in. The family makes the sign of the cross and then the parent open the book and reads the opening prayer. Now the family begins the Examine together. On the first page they pause and silently become aware that God is present. Next, the family recalls and shares one beautiful thing they experienced. Next, each person shares a way that they felt love today, and then sorrow and finally grace. Maybe not everyone will share for each topic, but together the family will recall the way God worked in their life that day.

The book concludes with a prayer for your family.

It’s simple and beautiful. And the art on each page will inspire you as you recall they way God was present in your day.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781733677592
ISBN10: 1733677593
Compiled by: Catholic Sprouts
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: April 2020
Publisher: New Day Christian Distributors


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