Fan the Flame


InĀ Fan the Flame, best-selling author and pastor Jim Cymbala looks at the pressing need for spiritual leadership by focusing our attention on Acts 20—Paul’s farewell address to the Ephesian church. Along the way, Jim includes stories from his own experience at The Brooklyn Tabernacle, a church he has led for more than forty years.

With a posture of humility and a refreshing return to the model of Paul’s church leadership and philosophy of preaching shown in the book of Acts, Cymbala has written an urgent message for all those in ministry that:

  • Identifies the many pitfalls that church leaders can fall into
  • Reasserts the need for total confidence in the Gospel
  • Preaches complete dependence on the Holy Spirit, while showing you how to see the new things that the Spirit can do through your work
  • Offers practical guidance on inevitable leadership challenges, such as money, division, and priorities

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Medium FormatHardcover
Product GroupBooks
Publication Date2022-09-06
PublisherHarper Collins
Item Number008018297
ContributorsJim Cymbala (Author)|John Blattner (Author)


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