Forever In My Goodness


God’s goodness is all around you, and it goes before you.

For many, God is good is just something that we say in church. We might hope that it’s true, but more often than not, we fail to experience that goodness. It’s even worse when crisis or trials come our way, or when we feel our purpose eroding with the mundane routine of life. But the key to experiencing God’s goodness is understanding its foundation. When we understand the unshakable goodness of God, our faith becomes unmovable.

Forever in My Goodness digs deep into compelling stories from the Bible that reveal the thread of goodness in Scripture and in our own lives. In sharing personal stories, Morgan offers simplicity to the theology of God’s goodness and takes us on a journey to understanding his goodness as an absolute promise. Forever in My Goodness does not just talk about God’s goodness as an abstract quality, but as a reality we can experience. It grounds us in the Word of God, allowing us to see God’s goodness as a continual, unchangeable, tangible fact. Move from a hopeful belief that God is good to a deep-rooted faith in God’s abundant, unchanging, and unfailing goodness.


SKU (ISBN): 9781684261215
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2021
Publisher: Leafwood Publishers/ACU Press


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