Forever Wrestling : A Glorious Invitation


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How’s your heart, mind, strength and soul? Tired? Weary?

The Greatest Command; ‘To love the Lord your God with your heart, mind, strength and soul’, can either be too well known or simply overlooked. Too often this command is leapfrogged to fulfil the second, namely, ‘to love others’. Many people can become all the more weary for it.

Through using the Bible and the life of Jesus as the foundation, Forever Wrestling wrestles with theology in an informal quirky style. Rather than being told what to do, the reader is invited to journey with the wrestling. Could it be that the Greatest Command is also a glorious invitation?

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SKU (ISBN): 9781999746421
ISBN10: 1999746422
Tracey Bateson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: November 2018
Publisher: Lightning Source Ingram

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