From One Father To Another


Have you ever questioned how God can allow so much evil and suffering in this world? Perhaps you are kept awake at night wondering if God even hears your prayers at all. Do you get anxious speculating if God has a specific plan for your life? Is Christianity more true than other religions? Maybe you have even questioned if our gift of free will is worth the horrific consequences that we see so often on the daily news. During an afternoon walk, Kevin was pondering some of these same questions. One kept nagging at him: why would God create us to live in such a broken world? As he walked in silence, the question continued to haunt him. God answered him in the depths of his heart with a question of his own. If you are willing to question why I would bring my children into such a fallen world, then how do you justify bringing your own three children into the same world? The answer was the start of a journey, a humble journey into the heart of God, which became From One Father to Another.


SKU (ISBN): 9781486619702
Kevin Jarvis
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2020
Publisher: Word Alive Press

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