God The Healer


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Chapter 1. The Origin Of Disease And The Ray Of Healing

Chapter 2. Do You Want To Get Well?

Chapter 3. God The Healer

Chapter 4. By His Scourging We Are Healed

Chapter 5. Power To Heal Infirmities

Chapter 6. Ways To Heal The Demon-possessed

Chapter 7. Naaman The Leper’s Faith And Obedience

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“Through the Bible, we learn that even disease is under the sovereignty of God, that He protects those who revere Him from disease, and that disease will infiltrate those who sin because He will turn His face away from such individuals.”

In order to receive fundamental healing and lead a healthy life, each of us must comprehend from where an illness has originated and how we can receive healing. God has plainly promised blessing for those who obey and live by His commands, while He has also recorded in detail of the curse and all types of disease that will be inflicted on those who disobey His commands (Deuteronomy 28:1-68). By reminding unbelievers and even some believers who overlook the word of God of principles in receiving healing, this work seeks to place such individuals on the right path to freedom from sickness and disease.

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SKU (ISBN): 9788975570612
ISBN10: 8975570614
Jaerock Lee
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2018
Publisher: Urim Books USA

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