Guides Greatest Angel Stories


Heavenly angels walk the earth today. Sometimes they assume human form-usually in answer to desperate prayer. Police arrive at a critical moment, then vanish. A stranger of authority greases the way through customs. A friendly house along a dangerous path turns out later not to exist. A heavenly choir sings over the open prairie. Attackers see watchmen no one else can see.

The driver of a car offers a ride home on a cold night, then disappears-leaving one-way tracks in the snow that stop at the door. A hostile biker gang flees after seeing something invisible to their praying victim. A phalanx of soldiers appears out of nowhere in front of the car of an abductor. A beautiful woman brings comfort, then disappears. Believers befriend a hobo who leaves no footprints in the snow.

These true stories from Guide magazine-not an urban legend among them-will renew your faith. The angel of the Lord still encamps around those who fear Him.


SKU (ISBN): 9780816362127
Helen Robinson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2005
Publisher: Pacific Press Publishing Association


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