Heaven And Hell


This Bible study course for adults is part of the People’s Bible Teachings series that covers the main teachings of the Bible. This course offers in-depth coverage of what the Bible teaches about heaven and hell. It searches Scripture to show what God has revealed about death, judgment, and the only two destinations after death: heaven and hell. This course is referenced to Brian Keller’s book Heaven and Hell (15N0620) in the People’s Bible Teachings book series. Bible studies can be used as stand-alone studies or used in connection with the books in the People’s Bible Teaching series. Books can serve as home reading or as permanent resources for class members.
All necessary components for organizing and leading this study are included on the CD-ROM, which includes PDF and RTF files for the student lessons (27 pages) and a PDF for the Leader’s Guide (28 pages) that contain the student lessons and answers. The study covers the following six lessons:
What Happens at Death
What the Bible Teaches about Hell
A Bible Study of Heaven, Part 1
A Bible Study of Heaven, Part 2
You Can Be Sure of Eternal Life!
Common Questions and Answers


SKU (ISBN): 9780810020696
Brian Keller
Binding: Boxed Set
Published: 2008
Peoples Bible Teachings
Publisher: Northwestern Publishing House


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