Hebrews 11 : Heroes Of Faith Teaching Index 4


How were the Old Testament Christians saved? In the same way we are: by faith. This study examines the nature of faith in the lives of the men and women of Hebrews chapter 11 so that we can learn and live from their examples.
All necessary components for organizing and leading this study are included on a CD-ROM; PDF and RTF files of student lessons and leader’s guide that contains the student lessons and answers.

The Study Covers The Following Nine Lessons.
Abel-A Man Who Revered The Lord
Enoch And Noah-Men Who Remained Focused On The Lord
Abraham-A Man Content To Live In A Tent
Abraham-A Man Who Believed The Impossible
Isaac, Jacob, And Joseph-Men Who By Faith Were Certain Of Their Futures
Moses And His Parents-People With Faith Who Stood Up To A King
The Israelites – People Who Relied On God’s Supernatural Power
Rahab-A Woman With Repentant Faith
The World Is Not Worthy Of These


SKU (ISBN): 9780810009868
David Clark
Binding: Boxed Set
Published: 1999
NPH Bible Insights
Publisher: Northwestern Publishing House


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