Henle Latin 1 Quizzes And Tests Units 1-2


If you are using the Quizzes & Tests for Units I-II and Quizzes & Tests for III-V with our newly reformatted Henle I Units I-V Teacher Manual, you will need to administer the quizzes using this updated schedule.

This Henle Latin I Quizzes & Tests for Units I-II booklet contains 27 quizzes and 3 tests corresponding to Units I-II of Henle I, as well as a final exam. This booklet also contains an answer key. The topics covered in these units include:

Unit I
*1st through 5th Declension Nouns
*Syntax: subjects, possessives, direct objects, indirect objects, prepositions, predicate nouns, appositives

Unit II
*1st/2nd & 3rd Declension Adjectives
*Syntax: predicate adjectives


SKU (ISBN): 9781615381401
Martin Cothran | Editor: Michael Simpson
Binding: Other
Published: 2011
Publisher: Memoria Press

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