History Of Europe In The Modern World Year 2 Student Guide (Student/Study Guide)


This student guide is designed to accompany the The History of Europe in the Modern Worlds texts by Palmer, Colton, and Kramer (eleventh editions) (must be obtained separately). Focusing on the history of ideas, biographies, and key cultural developments, particularly in Western European and American societies, these texts will help familiarize students with the greatest minds and cultures of preceding generations. These study guides provide comprehension questions that help students focus on the most important information from each chapter, and cannot be used without the text.

Year/Volume 2 (since 1815) covers the Napoleonic Age (1815) to the Cold War (late-1980s), including the effects of industrialization on European nations, the unstable balance of power between Britain, France, Russia, Prussia, and Austria-Hungary, the creation of Germany and Italy as sovereign nations, the Russian Revolution, World War I and its effects on Europe, the collapse of the world economy, the rise of Fascism in Italy, and National Socialism (Nazism) in Germany, and World War II and its effects.


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Ken Dennis | Nick Charlton
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Published: 2014
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