Hombre Carnal Hombre Espiritua – (Spanish)


Chapter 21. Job Misunderstands God Blesses The Evil
1. The Heart Wanting Evil People To Be Punished
2. We Have To Find The Evil In Us
3. Job Has Become A Judge And Teaches God
4. Job Destroys His Friends’ Word
5. Job Does Not Understand Spiritual World

Chapter 22. Eliphaz Continues To Teach Job
1. Eliphaz Takes The Name Of The LORD God In Vain
2. Fleshly Wisdom And Spiritual Wisdom
3. Men’s Hearts Turn Against Things Not Beneficial To Them
4. Because Eliphaz Lived In Darkness
5. Having The Knowledge Of God, But Not Knowing Him
6. Eliphaz Tries Teaching Job Without Understanding His Heart
7. What Is The Sin Leading To Death?

Chapter 23. How Can We Meet God?
1. Job’s Search For Where God Is
2. Meeting God
3. Job Says God Is Incompetent
4. Fleshly Sacrifice And Spiritual Sacrifice
5. Job Thinks Of God As A Dictator

Chapter 24. From A Twisted Heart Job Argues God Is Bad
1. Job Prepares To Blame God
2. Job Says God Overlooks The Unrighteousness Of The Wicked
3. Job Became The Judge
4. Job Thinks Evil People Receive God’s Protection

Chapter 25. Bildad’s Understanding Of Man’s Sense Of Values
1. Bildad Suppresses Job’s Words
2. Bildad Speaks Contrary To The Truth

Chapter 26. Job Heard Voice Of Spirit
1. Job’s Twisting Sarcasm
2. Voice Of Spirit
3. God’s Sovereignty Coming From Goodness
4. Job Calls God A Dictator
5. Ill-feelings And Exaggerations

Chapter 27. Who Is Truly Righteous?
1. There Was No Righteousness In Job’s Heart
2. Righteousness Is To Believe And Act
3. Job Emphasizes His Integrity
4. Job’s Fleshly Guiltlessness
5. The Heart Of A Vengeful Man
6. Job Is Teaching In The Position Of The Almighty
7. Unforgiving Minds

Chapter 28. Job’s Metaphorical Discourse Of Nature To Explain God’s Wisdom
1. The Difference Between Spiritual And Physical Inquiry
2. Burning Fire Under The Ground
3. Job’s Purpose In Talking About The Origin Of Wisdom And Understanding
4. Job Argues For His Innocence

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“Today, there are so many people who judge and condemn others even without observing something themselves and not knowing about it completely. The believers in Christ should not spread other people’s faults or wish for things to go badly for someone else.”

The book of Job teaches us about the evilness hidden deep in our nature. We could realize that God revealed many kinds of untruthful heart and minds in people’s nature through the illustrations of Job and his three friends.
Man of Flesh, Man of Spirit II: Lecture on the Book of Job rediscovers God through the illness, physical hardships, and the recovery of Job, giving a new insight on the man Job who had the awakening to the hope for the kingdom of heaven. It is because the work of salvation of God is rising like a rainbow beyond Job’s sickness, sufferings, and healing and recovery.

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SKU (ISBN): 9788975577789
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Language: Spanish
Jaerock Lee
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: April 2018
Publisher: Urim Books USA

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