Hombre Carnal Hombre Espiritua – (Spanish)


Chapter 1. Job Was Blameless And Upright
1. Job Was Blameless In Deeds
2. The Origin Of Satan
3. Satan Accuses According To The Law Of The Spiritual Realm
4. Job Passes The First Test Of Satan

Chapter 2. Job Complains Against God
1. Satan’s Second Test
2. Job Misunderstands God Gives Blessings And Curses Without Reason
3. The Appearing Of Job’s Three Friends

Chapter 3. Job’s Resentment And Lamentation
1. Job Curses The Day Of His Birth
2. Job Offered A Fleshly Sacrifice

Chapter 4. Eliphaz The Temanite’s Rebuttal
1. Eliphaz Condemns Job As An Evil Man
2. Eliphaz’ Spiritual Status And Pride

Chapter 5. The Anger And Jealousy Of Foolish Men
1. Through Spiritual Arrogance Eliphaz Wrongfully Discusses The Word Of God
2. Difference Between Fleshly Viewpoint And Spiritual Viewpoint
3. Eliphaz’ Different Words And Actions

Chapter 6. Job’s Debate
1. Job Expresses His Feelings In Twisted Sarcasm
2. Job Misunderstands That God Is A Fearful God
3. Job Disappoints God With His Words
4. Job Becomes Weaker
5. Fleshly Love Changes
6. Let’s Not Argue
7. Job’s Evils He Did Not Know Of Are Revealed

Chapter 7. Throw Off The Maggots Of Heart
1. Job’s Tedious And Painful Daily Life
2. A Heart Dirty With Maggots
3. Job Gives Up On Himself
4. Concerning Sheol (the Grave) In The Bible
5. What Is The Judgment Of Conscience?
6. Job Misunderstands That It Is God Who Tortures Him

Chapter 8. The Wise Counsel Of Bildad The Shuhite
1. Bildad Explains Retribution For Sin
2. How To Solve The Problems And Receive Answers
3. Bildad Tries To Use Parables To Make Job Understand
4. Bildad Advises Job To Recover By Living In The Truth

Chapter 9. Job’s Ignorance
1. Job Misunderstands That Whatever God Wants To Do He Does
2. Job Misunderstands That God Predestines Everything
3. Helpers Of Rahab And Spiritual Blessings
4. Job Misunderstands God As A Fearful Judge
5. Double Mindedness
6. The Reason Why God Said Job Was Upright
7. Job Blames God As Being A Bad God

Chapter 10. Job’s Evil In His Deep Heart Is Revealed
1. Arrogance
2. Mistaking God For The One Who Loves Evil Men
3. Mistaking God For A Hunter Of The Righteous
4. Self-abandonment Of Job

Chapter 11. Zophar The Naamathite’s Opening Argument
1. The Importance Of Words
2. Rebuking Job By Explaining The Truth
3. Let Us Not Become False Men
4. Blessings Of Leaving Unrighteousness And Obeying The Word Of God

Chapter 12. The Emotionally Scarred Job’s Response
1. Job’s

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“Because Job thinks that his horn is being trampled by God and his friends, that pain was greater than losing all his possessions and children and the pain of boils. In order for us to become perfect children of God, we have to break our horns.”

The Book of Job scrutinizes the heart of men very deeply and tells us about the evil and our true nature in the depths of our heart, thereby letting us realize ourselves. Ultimately, through this book Man of Flesh, Man of Spirit I, we can find out whether we are men of flesh or men of spirit, and it also gives us the methodology on how to change into men of spirit. ‘Flesh’ means something that changes, untruths, and darkness, and ‘spirit’ means the truth, unchanging and eternal things, and world of light.

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SKU (ISBN): 9788975575440
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Language: Spanish
Jaerock Lee
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: April 2018
Publisher: Urim Books USA

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