Honest Answers : Interview And Negotiation Skills To Get To The Truth


Never go into an important conversation feeling unheard, unprepared, or uniformed again–Lena Sisco, former Navy intelligence officer and interrogator, shares her proven SISCO method to become a master negotiator, trusted interviewer, and engaging conversationalist.

Apply the SISCO method to your daily conversations and interactions with others so you can see the full picture, have all the facts, and make effective decisions. Whether in a job interview, salary negotiation, or difficult conversation with a loved one, detecting honesty is one of the most valuable skills you can learn.

Learn how to apply the SISCO Method of Non-accusatory Interviewing during investigative and information-gathering interviews. Her 5-step body language and deception detection program will teach readers to trust their gut feeling when they think someone is lying. These skills are not only applicable in an interrogation room, but they can be relevant in everyday life.

In this book, Lena Sisco will teach you how to:

*Apply the strategic interviewing skills behind the SISCO method to your everyday life to discover the information and the honest answers you need.

*Create an environment of trust that will facilitate the fact finding necessary to be more effective at your job while encouraging others to be more accountable.

*Determine when someone is knowingly lying, evading the truth, or being completely honest with you.

*Create an environment of trust where people will be more willing to part with crucial information

*Gain all the intel you need to effectively negotiate

*Know the right words to say during a disagreement in order to de-escalate conflict, gain respect, and create a win-win situation

In this book, Lena Sisco teaches readers the neuroscience behind communication so they can better understand how to interpret what others are saying and to be aware of the signals they may or may not be inadvertently sending to others. She helps readers apply that knowledge to interviewing and investigating within the office.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781400226405
Lena Sisco
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
Publisher: HarperCollins Leadership


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