Ians Empire


A Field Runner Press Title

He needed a New Day… After months at sea, mine owner, Ian Beckner wanted nothing more than to run on California’s solid ground. He and the Cornish workers had survived! Now the next chapter awaited- leading them to Grass Valley where these resilient families would settle and begin the gold mining work at Empire Mine.

She needed a New Life…The stunning and privileged Olivia Bradstreet had her own arduous journey to the west. Now finally, her past has been redeemed. She is the headmistress of the Oak Street Home for Children. Her years of social deportment used for her true calling- leading the charge for the orphan and friendless.

Even with the joy of being home, Ian is slammed with the truth. The Empire Mine is weeks from foreclosure. He has no choice but to sell the Beckner’s previous home on Oak Street.

Unfortunately, that will mean evicting the lovely Miss Bradstreet and her young charges. From the first encounter with her, he knows she is an enticing force to be reckoned with. How will he prove that the lives of the Cornish workers are the highest priority? How can he convince her when she believes the children are the higher priority?

In what neither saw coming, both Ian and Olivia are unexpectedly humbled. Forced to work together for the survival of the Empire Mine and orphans, can their delicate bond rise above their doubts?

Will Ian’s Empire crumble or make way for love to last for generations?

PG- A standalone, clean and wholesome, happy-ending romance with a touch of pepper.


SKU (ISBN): 9780999113486
Julia David
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2020
Loves Pure Gold # 3
Publisher: Spring Arbor Distributors

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