Intensive Retreat For Couples His Workbook


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Marriage is hard work! Make no mistake! It is daily work! No breaks! No vacations! No time outs! The first step to establishing the legacy you desire is to remember what your spouse needs from you, expects from you, and gives to you through her life, her heart, her sacrifices, her energy, her time, and her talent. Your wife does things that she has never done as a woman and she gives more of herself than she ever has. Your marriage deserves the best of you, your time, your energy, and your focus. How do I do that? You have to keep your marriage first-this means that you protect the time designed for your marriage. Give it ALL of you! She deserves all of you. Your marriage has to last for the rest of your life, so you need to do what is necessary to insure that your spouse knows that she is first right after God. Your time is valuable to her. Do you remember when you were in love with her? You could not wait until you were in her presence again. You workday was too long. Traffic was too much. All you wanted to do was see her. Now you are married. You are not in a hurry to get home. You are not thinking of her as much. Your dialogue and communication are severely lower, strained and critically different. She notices. She questions you. You deny. She argues her point with irrefutable evidence. You continue the denial response. You are successful-she relinquishes. But she is right. She is hurt. She goes into your bedroom and cries herself to sleep. You sleep in another room. Your marriage just changed. The Intensive Retreat for Couples is designed to revive, restore, and recreate your marriage through your intensive and intentional participation.

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Published: April 2015
Publisher: Spring Arbor Distributors

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