Introduction To The Formula Of Concord


This Bible study course for adults covers the Lutheran Confessions, the Formula of Concord, which was drafted by Lutheran theologians in 1577 in response to the difficulties and doctrinal problems the church was experiencing in the post-Reformation era. This document was seen as a way to unify the Lutheran church in regard to doctrinal issues of the times. While this study looks at the history and meaning of the confession and the history of the time in which it was written, it also serves as a resource to help today’s Lutherans answer the same doctrinal heresies that prompted the writing of the Formula of Concord.
All necessary components for organizing and leading this study are included on a CD-ROM: PDF and RTF files of the Leader’s Guide (printed size, 8 1/2 x 11; 44 pages) that contains the student lessons with answers, PDF and RTF files of the Student Lessons and PDF and RTF files of the Epitome of the Formula of Concord.

The Study Covers The Following Nine Lessons:
What Are Confessions
Article I: On Original Sin
Article II: On Free Will And Human Powers
Article III: On Righteousness Of Faith Before God
Article IV: On Salvation And Good Works
Article V, VI: On The Law And Gospel, On The Third Use Of The Law
Article VII, VIII: On The Holy Supper Of Christ, On The Person Of Christ
Article IX: On Christ’s Descent Into Hell
Article X: On Ecclesiastical Practices


SKU (ISBN): 9780810020023
Alan Siggelkow
Binding: Boxed Set
Published: 2007
NPH Bible Insights
Publisher: Northwestern Publishing House


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