Jacob : He Wrestled With God


The story of Jacob is the heartbreaking narrative of a dysfunctional family. Jacob was the son of Isaac and conniving Rebekah, who with Jacob deceived Isaac into giving his birthright to Jacob. After receiving Isaac’s birthright through conspiracy and deception, Jacob feared for his life and fled to a faraway land. Despite all this, God was with Jacob through his maturation into manhood. Upon his return to Canaan, Jacob found himself wrestling with a stranger who proceeded to give him a blessing and a new name, Israel, which means one who wrestles with God. Jacob’s story is an essential part of patriarchal history. It shows us that God is in control of all events, even when people work against his will. This book is from the God’s People series.


SKU (ISBN): 9780810013414
Michael Woldt
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2004
Gods People
Publisher: Northwestern Publishing House


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