Key To The Prison


12 Chapters

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George Fox is constantly in trouble with the government. He preaches that the church isn’t a building, but the people who believe the Bible and try to obey what it says. He also left the Official Church of England to found the Society of Friends, also called Quakers.

Tommy Stafford and his sister, Celia, become involved when their father, a minister, breaks with the traditional church and joins Fox. They witness the violence and persecution that Quakers endure. But Fox is always calm and courageous. He continues to preach and help the sick. His power with God becomes known wherever he goes.

The persecution gets worse. George Fox and the Quakers are imprisoned, beaten and ridiculed. Yet the number of his followers grows. Join Tommy and his family as they are swept along with Fox and his new church-all the way across the ocean to the New World, where they can live in peace and worship freely.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780836118131
ISBN10: 0836118138
Louise Vernon | Illustrator: Allan Eitzen
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2007
Louise A. Vernons Religious Heritage Series
Publisher: Herald Press/MennoMedia


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